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       Eravox Studios is based in Oceanside, CA. The studio’s comfortable atmosphere has the perfect vibe for anyone looking to record. We pour our passion into every project and settle for nothing but the best quality. With over a decade of experience, we know how to bring your sound to life. 

       We have worked with a wide range of artists from country bands, Hip-hop and R&B, to djent/metal bands. Here are a few artists we’ve worked with: Synyster Gates, Chris O, Heather Harvin, Chuck Brown, Prafess, Solitude, Rutherford, Jazze Pha. We also specialize in voiceover recording, re-recorder mixing, automated dialogue replacement, music editing, dialogue editing and much more. So contact us today and let’s talk about your project!

Michael McConaghy

Founder of Eravox Studios
We have designed unique methods of teaching students how to become professionals. We take complicated concepts, like soloing or music theory and simplify them, so that anyone can understand it!
Our Mix Clinics are designed to teach you how the whole recording process works, in a professional recording environment. From the basics of setting up a ProTools session, to the most advanced part of the process, mastering.
Daniel Mabon
"Enhance your workflow had so much useful knowledge in it and Mike gave it to me for free! It changed the way I set up every session!"
Christopher "Prafess" McCall
"The sample packs are legit! The snares, claps and kicks slap hard!"
Bret Miller
"Mike showed me how to blaze through ProTools like a pro. My client's trip out when they see how I chop ProTools!"
Karli Whiteman
Mike made it fun. No pressure and adapted to my pace. I highly recommend him. I am back home in Colorado - still taking lessons with him and now finally have the confidence to step out and do some bass solos!!!
Donny P.
Mike is a highly skilled and enthusiastic instructor who works at his students individual pace to maximize his or her's learning and retention. He keeps a professional and clean learning environment and his lessons are fun and engaging.
Johnny M.
I thought there is no way that this guy could teach me anything new and boy was I wrong. I tried his first time lesson free program and was amazed with the gold nugget of knowledge that I had received from Mike so I got more lessons.
We have the some of the world’s top gear and microphones to ensure that we capture the recording perfectly every time. We record, edit, mix, and master for both, the audio and film industries.
If you are looking to have your tracks professionally edited and mixed, we specialize in taking tracks that lack luster, and putting that million dollar polish on them.

Studio rates are calculated per individual project to offer the best solution for your budget. We ensure a great working environment, top-notch engineering, and high quality equipment.

Eravox Studios has a huge network within the music industry and recording business, and can offer many types of solutions for recording, mixing and mastering. 

Our flexibility and experience with different kinds of projects make us suitable for every budget level, and both established and new artists will find themselves right at home.

Contact us today for a free consultation where we can discuss the best options for your project.
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